Fire-protection booklet published

Hensel has collaborated with FeuerTRUTZ Network to compile a fire-protection booklet in pocketbook format. Information on the use of fire-protection coatings in passive constructional fire protection is now to hand at all times. ‘How is the U/A value calculated?’ – ‘What does a fire-protection coating look like?’ – ‘Why are there no fire-resistance classes in the fire protection of wood?’ – ‘Why and when must concrete have a fire-protection coating?’ – ‘Do ecologically friendly fire-protection materials exist?’ – the fire-protection pocketbook provides concise answers to all of these questions.

The fire-protection pocketbook – BRANDSCHUTZ pocket – is available (in German) as an ePaper and a PDF for downloading.

We will be delighted to send you a personal copy and copies for your colleagues. This offer is available only as long as stocks last!

Please send an email to and state the number of copies you would like and the delivery address.