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Fire protection systems for penetration seals

Below you will find an overview of our DIN and EN approved HENSOTHERM® and HENSOMASTIK® fire protection systems for the construction of fire protection sealings for single penetration and mixed penetration seals. With a simple mouse-click you will be forwarded to the corresponding fire protection system and the corresponding downloads.


Pattressed system as a cable seal
  ETA | 20/1311

HENSOMASTIK® Kombischott EI60

Mixed penetration seal (soft)
  ETA | 20/1310

HENSOMASTIK® Kombischott EI90/EI120

Mixed penetration seal (soft)
  ETA | 20/1309

HENSOTHERM® M 2000 Fireproof Mortar

Mixed penetration seal (hard)
  ETA | 20/1325


Single penetration with collar
  ETA | 20/1308

HENSOTHERM® System für Einzelleitung

Single penetration seal with fabric
  ETA | 20/1306

HENSOTHERM® System für Schachtwand

Shaft wall system
  ETA | 20/1307

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