HENSOTHERM® 820 KS – Patented fire protection for concrete

The fire protection properties of HENSOTHERM® 820 KS has been patented under European Patent No. 2686391. HENSOTHERM® 820 KS serves in lieu of concrete coverings on reinforced concrete parts. At temperatures as low as 330 °C, concrete and reinforcing steel expand to differing degrees. The result is detaching concrete and the loss of the part’s load bearing capacity. Under the effects of fire, the HENSOTHERM® 820 KS coating retards heating of the concrete parts according to the specified fire resistance class.

HENSOTHERM® 820 KS has been tested and approved in accordance with European standards. Coated with HENSOTHERM® 820 KS, flat floors and walls of reinforced concrete are protected against excessive heating for up to 240 minutes, and girders and supports for up to 150 minutes. When applied to hollow concrete slabs, it extends their fire resistance times to as high as 120 minutes. HENSOTHERM® 820 KS is a single-component, thin-film, water-based coating. It contains no halogens, APEOs, borates, fibres, or plasticisers. Owing to the thinness of the dry film, rooms are unchanged in height, for fast, cost effective site operations. Consumption depends on the thickness of the replaced concrete covering and the specified fire protection class. Subsequent drilling for suspensions or installations do not cause the coating to detach.

Priming with BETON-CARBONSPERRE prevents contaminant and water penetration. A top coat of paint is optional, offering potential for architectural designs. When selected for the top coat, light colours on the painted surfaces reflect light better, and so reduce the number of illuminants and their power supply.

HENSOTHERM® 820 KS is part of the Hensel Green Product line. Thanks to its non-VOC content and a number of environmental certificates, it is recommended for buildings of ecological sustainability. The high standards fulfilled by the material properties of HENSOTHERM® 820 KS are safeguarded by inhouse and external monitoring.

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