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Structural fire protection solutions for buildings and industry

Rudolf Hensel GmbH was founded in 1922 as a paint and varnish factory and, as an independent company, is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire protection systems for passive structural fire protection. The company’s headquarters are located in Börnsen near Hamburg.


Decades of experience in the development and production of fire protection coatings are reflected in the high quality standard and excellent processing properties of HENSOTHERM® and HENSOMASTIK® products, which have become an essential part of passive structural fire protection worldwide as security products.


The focus of the development work is on the environmental compatibility and sustainability of the water-based and maintenance-free products from our Green Product line. They meet the requirements of LEED / LEED v4, are AgBB-tested, classified in VOC emission class A+, have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Type III and are registered in the DGNB Navigator. Hensel fire protection systems are evaluated according to European Standard (EN), approved in Germany with a general type approval (aBG) and have other international certificates according to VKF, BSI, UL and GOST.


The product range includes coating systems for the fire protection of steel, wood, concrete, cables, for the production of fire protection sealings in walls and floors and fire-resistant joints. Special fire protection solutions for industrial applications complete the offer. For each of these applications, the Green Product line offers sustainable, environmentally friendly products that have qualified as building materials for ecological construction.


In addition to the field of structural fire protection, we also offer a wide range of options and industry-specific solutions for industry with our HENSOTHERM® and HENSOMASTIK® product lines. Our portfolio includes fire protection solutions for passive fire protection, e.g. in aviation, shipping, rail transport, the construction of power plants, in the field of renewable energies, in modular construction, automotive and e-mobility, electrical engineering and information technology and in the construction of fire doors. Talk to us.


In addition, we also offer competent, technical advice and training on the subject of structural fire protection in all areas of fire protection. We support companies, planners, architects and builders in the selection and implementation of suitable fire protection solutions. In addition to a customer-oriented field service, we offer you the following services:


  • Evaluation of parts lists
  • Calculation of material requirements
  • Selection of the most economical system
  • Assistance with the calculation


100 years of creativity, high quality standards and intensive interaction with its customers have made Rudolf Hensel GmbH one of the leading manufacturers of fire protection systems for passive structural fire protection made in Germany.


Do you have any questions about our products or do you need expert advice for your project?
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