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CSR Policy of Rudolf Hensel GmbH

Corporate Social Responsibility (abbreviated CSR) refers to the social responsibility of companies.

This CSR policy is based on the conviction that corporate action based on ethical values not only generates trust, but also guarantees sustainable economic success.

The CSR policy applies to all business units and employees of Rudolf Hensel GmbH (RH), and in addition to its corporate principles ( The defined principles provide a behavioural and policy framework for CSR within RH.

At the same time, RH also expects its business partners and suppliers to recognise, support and comply with the principles enshrined in this policy.

This CSR policy is supplemented in various areas by further instructions and policies, and is based on the principles of the United Nations Global Compact in human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption (

The current valid version of this CSR policy is made available to all RH employees, business partners and suppliers via the RH web site (

National legal regulations that are stricter than this CSR policy apply in all cases.

This CSR policy does not create any third-party rights.


The highest level of integrity is expected in all business activities and relationships. Any form of corruption, bribery, extortion and embezzlement is strictly prohibited.

Discrimination against employees in any form is not permitted. This applies to discrimination based on, for example, gender, race, caste, colour, disability, political opinion, origin, religion, age, pregnancy or sexual orientation.

All products and services must meet the contractually-specified quality and safety criteria upon delivery to RH, and must be safe to use for their intended purpose At the same time, all applicable national laws and regulations, minimum industry standards and international conventions relating to social and working conditions, child labour and environmental protection must be identified, monitored and complied with. All business partners and suppliers are required to follow this policy in their business and to train their employees and subcontractors on their rights and obligations under this policy and local laws.

RH, all business partners and all suppliers must conduct their respective businesses in a fair and ethical manner, and must prevent bribery and corruption. They must neither pay nor accept bribes or kickbacks, and they must not offer or promise any undue advantages either directly or via third parties.

RH, all business partners and all suppliers are committed to free and fair competition throughout the world, and respect competition rights in all areas in which they operate.

Our suppliers must be able to indicate the country of origin for all products that RH purchases. At the same time, all confidential information provided by RH or its business partner to our supplier shall be protected, and all intellectual property rights shall be preserved.


RH, all business partners and all suppliers must provide a healthy and safe working environment for their respective staff, and must have a system in place to identify and avoid potential risks in their business operations.

RH, all business partners and all suppliers must take the necessary measures to prevent accidents and injuries in all business operations within their respective companies, and must provide safety training and adequate protective equipment.

If accommodation is provided, care must be taken to ensure that adequate spatial privacy and quiet are available, as well as facilities for personal hygiene.


Wherever they operate, RH, all business partners and all suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and internationally recognised human rights. In the rare instances when a national law is in direct conflict with international standards, ways must be sought to comply with the principles of internationally recognised human rights.

It is prohibited to use child labour. No children may be employed who are under 15 years of age or under the completed compulsory school age in the respective country or who are under the minimum age for employment according to the applicable national laws and regulations, whichever is higher. Employees under 18 years old must not work under hazardous conditions.

The use of forced or bonded labour is prohibited. Employment must always be voluntary. Employees must have the right to terminate their employment after a reasonable period of notice. Employees are free to leave the business premises outside working hours.

Employees must not be discriminated against and must be treated fairly and equally. Any form of mental or physical disciplinary action, discrimination, harassment or bullying will not be tolerated.

It is prohibited to order illegal overtime. Working hours must not be excessive and must not exceed the legal limit. Sufficient rest periods must be agreed. Overtime is voluntary and must always be compensated.

If employees wish to voluntarily join a workers’ association or an organisation of their choice or a collective bargaining association, they must not be prevented from doing so. The right to form or join trade unions and other workers’ organisations shall not be prejudiced.

RH, all business partners and all suppliers must pay at least the applicable statutory minimum wage and all benefits required by law.


Our business partners and suppliers are expected to take a proactive approach in all their business operations in order to minimise negative impacts on the environment.

RH, all business partners and all suppliers must comply with the requirements of the applicable environmental laws and regulations, and must identify and mitigate adverse environmental impacts of their respective business operations.

RH, all business partners and all suppliers must each set targets to reduce their environmental impact and to improve as much as possible their respective performance in terms of their environmental footprint.

RH, all business partners and all suppliers must reduce waste and emissions into the air, soil and water. They must characterise and treat the wastewater on site, or use an external treatment plant. Emissions to the outside air must be monitored and, if necessary, filtered in accordance with the applicable regulations and emissions limits. Contamination of the soil must be prevented and immediate action must be taken in the event of any contamination. Hazardous waste must be handled, stored and disposed of in an environmentally-sound manner.

RH, all business partners and all suppliers must handle chemicals in accordance with the regulations and must comply with national and regional legal requirements. Suppliers must be able to assess the marketability of the products that RH purchases for compliance with global chemical regulations, and must assist with this compliance. This includes compliance with prohibitions, restrictions, registrations and business standards.

Suppliers must answer questions about chemical composition and provide test results, and must immediately furnish notification of any change to the technical or chemical properties or the legal status of a product as soon as this information is available.

RH, all business partners and suppliers must each contribute to the recycling and reuse of materials and products, reduce energy consumption and aim for more efficient use of resources.


Audits can be carried out by RH or independent auditors if necessary. RH intends to use the obtained information in procurement strategies, supplier assessments and in deciding which business partners or suppliers RH wishes to continue working with. Business and trade secrets remain protected.


Principles of the United Nations Global Compact
International Labour Organisation, ILO

The CSR policy of Rudolf Hensel GmbH was approved by the management in April 2022.

Alternatively, the business partner’s or supplier’s compliance with these principles may be demonstrated by reference to their own code of conduct or corporate policies with comparable standards. This CSR policy must be followed if no comparable standards exist.

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