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Fire-protection systems for cables and cable penetrations

HENSOMASTIK® and HENSOTHERM® fire-protection systems for cables and cable penetrations are used as an alternative or addition to cable installation ducts and inhibit or retard the spread of flames and smoke gas release in the event of fire. They are used both indoors and outdoors and wherever unfavourable external conditions prevail.


In the event of a fire, a HENSOMASTIK® fire protection coating can reduce the destructive effects of heat by ablation (splitting off water in a chemical reaction), thus delaying ignition and preventing the spread of fire along the cables. In addition, a cable coating can protect against UV radiation and extreme environmental conditions and extend the service life.


HENSOMASTIK® and HENSOTHERM® fire protection bandages for cables and cable support systems (cable trays) can inhibit or completely prevent the development of cable fires and the burning of cable sheaths and insulation. Likewise, burning dripping is prevented and the release of smoke gas is reduced by encapsulating the toxic fire gases.

Fire penetration seals

HENSOMASTIK® and HENSOTHERM® fire penetration seals can seal apertures for cable and cable support structures in walls or floors so that the fire resistance classification of the penetrated construction element is restored. For use in the European economic area, all construction variants with a specific product system are standardised in a European Technical Assessment (ETA) stating the essential performance characteristics of non-standard construction products.

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