New product in HENSOMASTIK® Mixed Penetration Seal

Recently approved in the HENSOMASTIK® Mixed Penetration Seal EI 90 / EI 120 is HENSOTHERM® 7 KS Gewebe 50 (coated fabric 50 mm wide) which is approved as a pipe sleeve for combustible pipes up to Ø 90 mm and already tested up to Ø 125 mm with a positive result (ETA 16/0369 and ETA 15/0295).

HENSOTHERM® 7 KS Gewebe 50, an intumescent pipe sleeve for the penetration sealing of plastic tubes in light dividing walls, solid walls and solid ceilings, now makes it possible to produce penetration sealing even simpler and faster! HENSOTHERM® 7 KS Gewebe 50 is supplied in practical sizes in a box and also on a roll 50 mm wide, 2 mm thick and 15 m long, and can be cut to the lengths required with a knife or scissors on the building site for greater flexibility.

The following combustible pipes were tested: PVC-U, PE-HD, PP-HT, Geberit Silent dB20, Geberit Silent PP, Polokal NG, Polokal 3S, Geberit Mepla, Viega Raxofix, Flex-Schlauch, Flex-Schlauch FX

Further information can be obtained here: Product page HENSOTHERM® 7 KS Gewebe 50