HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS is a further product in the DGNB Navigator

Rudolf Hensel GmbH has registered a further fire-protection product – HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS – in the DGNB Navigator under the code CDDWRA. In the DGNB Navigator, architects, planners, developers, and everyone involved in building projects can find detailed information on building products and their parameters, for example information on environmental impacts, on the calculation of life-cycle costs, energy consumption, and the emission behaviour of the products listed.

The emission ratings of HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS mean an environmental product declaration (EPD) is available for it from the Institut Bauen und Umwelt (Institute for construction and environment, IBU). EPDs are Type III environmental labels that provide not only qualitative, but also quantitative statements on the environmental properties of a product.

HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS is a water-impermeable and UV-resistant fire-protection coating which is used to create penetration sealing in ceilings and walls, for fire-resistant joints and the fire protection of cables. HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS contains no solvents or halogens, and is resistant to oil and petrol spill-overs. Since it contains neither water-soluble components nor those that are changed by water, HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS can also be used at locations where structural components are exposed to weathering and where the coatings are exposed to unfavourable outside conditions. HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS is ageing resistant, remains viscoplastic and thus also withstands mechanical loads without forming cracks.