Environmental product declarations (EPD) for HENSOTHERM® fire-protection coatings

Logo_EPDRudolf Hensel GmbH has received the first and so far the only Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which has been compiled for fire-protection coatings.

EPDs have been drawn up and verified by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt (IBU) for the Hensel products HENSOTHERM® 410 KS and HENSOTHERM® 420 KS fire-protection for steel, HENSOTHERM® 2 KS INNEN weiss for the protection of wood, and HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS for use on cables, for penetration sealing and fire-protection joints.

These EPDs are Type III environmental labels that relate not only to qualities, but also to quantities on the basis of ISO 14025 environmental declarations and thus allow a direct comparison of products. An EPD is based on independently verified data from life-cycle assessments, life-cycle inventories or information modules which conform to the ISO 14040 series of standards. EPDs are starting to become the standard for building products.

EPDs from the IBU are consulted by planners, architects and building contractors and thus reach precisely those people who are involved in the construction as part of the sustainability oriented added value chain, from the raw materials through to the finished building.

Our research and development work has long focused on the environmental compatibility and sustainability of our fire-protection coating systems. We have been pushing ahead with the development of water-based products, for example, for many years.

Environmental product declaration (EPD) (PDF download)