Market approval for USA

HENSOTHERM® 490 KS makes Hensel the only German manufacturer of a fire-protection coating system for steel which has been tested and approved in accordance with the specifications of the UL 263 standard. The UL standard is required for the US market in particular.

UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, have been using complex methods to test products, components, materials and systems since 1894 to ascertain whether they conform to the specific requirements. If this is the case, the product can display the UL mark of conformity as long as the manufacturer regularly verifies that the standard tested continues to be complied with. In the future, Hensel will use UL‘s external monitoring to verify this is the case.

For open steel sections up to a Hp/A value of 415 m-1, the UL approval for HENSOTHERM® 490 KS certifies a fire-resistance time of up to 2 hours when our coating system has been applied. Closed sections up to a Hp/A value of 167 m-1 can also be protected against constructional failure for up to 2 hours in the event of fire.

The approval covers the use of HENSOTHERM® 490 KS in interior spaces in general, and also in air-conditioned interior spaces even without an additional top coat. This means savings in time and material.

Our HENSOTHERM® and HENSOMASTIK® fire-protection products are developed and produced exclusively at our company base in Börnsen near Hamburg and therefore bear the “Made in Germany” certification mark in accordance with TÜV Nord Cert Standard A75-5018.

The approval information is available online at Please click on the link below, enter “490KS” as the keyword and confirm it with SEARCH.

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We will be pleased to provide you with further information on HENSOTHERM® 490 KS. You can contact our technical services by calling +49 (0)40 72 10 62 44.