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Fire protection pipe collars for single penetrations seals in walls and floors The fire protection collars of system HENSOTHERM® RM 30 / RM 50 are used to form a fire penetration seal for single penetrations of combustible pipes with and…

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HENSOMASTIK® Acrylic for Single Penetrations

HENSOMASTIK® Acrylic is a ready for use flexible white acrylic sealant especially formulated to provide excellent fire resistance and acoustic performance. HENSOMASTIK® Acrylic is supplied in liquid form in cartridges or sleeves, and used to form a fire penetration seal…

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HENSOTHERM® 7 KS Gewebe 50

Fire protection solution for single pipe penetrations HENSOTHERM® 7 KS Gewebe 50 is designed as an endless pipe collar for sealing single pipe penetrations. It can be used to seal combustible and non-combustible pipes insulated with synthetic rubber in solid…

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Intumescent fire protection compound for pipes and cables The intumescent fire protection compound HENSOTHERM® 7 KS viskos is supplied in cartridges and used as an annular gap seal for single penetrations and small fire penetration seals for pipes, cables, cable…

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HENSOTHERM® Service Transit

Ready-to-use fire penetration seal for cables and combustible pipes Inside buildings, especially in modern residential and office buildings, a large number of electrical cables run. The HENSOTHERM® Service Transit is an easy to install pre-assembled fire penetration seal solution consisting…

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